Sunday, April 12, 2009

Happy Easter!!! We had a great day today! We woke up at 8 and had a nice breakfast that Brian was german pancakes...Yummy! Brian had a wild idea to buy his stepmom, Janet, a last night at 9:45 we trekked out to Herriman to pick up a maltipoo. He is such a cute little guy....anyway...we went to deliver her Easter Basket this morning. She was so excited! Then we went home and got ready for church....We were all ready and looking great and sent the kids out so we could take their pictures. So one of the kids, any guesses who it was...decided to turn over the rug on the sidewalk and look for bugs....UGHHHHH, in his nice easter outfit!! Did I mention that it was Jax...the 4 year old clone of his father who gets into everything!!!! So needless to say we were late to church not that we would have been on time anyway but it was just one more reason we were late! After church we went to Grandma Mimi's to have dinner. We had a Great Easter!

Friday, April 10, 2009

Well, to add to the craziness of planning a funeral and going to the funeral the kids had their school play...and as they say "the show must go on!" Brianne and Jarron performed the day we laid grandpa pop to rest and they did an amazing job...I know Pop would have been proud! The play was Beauty and the Beast. They performed 3 nights in a row and it was an amazing show for an elementary school...we love Rosecrest and the great job the staff and parent volunteers do to make our school great! The opening night we voted on the new PTA board which includes me as co PTA president elect which means I will be PTA pres in 2010...hooray for me! I am excited, I think it will be great fun!

After a sad and crazy week we had with the death of grandpa pop and his funeral we started a new week with Baby J's First Birthday!! It is a tradition in ouf family starting with my mom's first birthday, to have the birthday boy/girl get their own cake...chocolate of course! I have pictures of me with my own cake and each of our kids have had their own as well.

J had a great time diggin' into his cake...he had frosting head to toe and then he started "sharing" with everyone! Good Times!!!

Monday, March 30, 2009

This past Friday we lost our Granpa Pop....He was a wonderful man who we all loved very much!! He and Marianne had 8 kids who he taught to be honest, hard working and faithful. I am proud to have been married to one for almost 13 years now!! We will miss you and we love you, Grandpa Pop!

Sunday, January 25, 2009

Here are a few pictures of the kids with mom at the hospital....These are better than the ones about a month ago when she was in her bed. Hopefully she will be home soon!!!

In between going to the hospital, keeping up the house, getting the kids to and from school and working at the school, I have found time to make a few bags!!! The pink and black one I made for Jodi...the flower one that Brianne is holding, I made for Alex...not to carry but for his auction at his school for his People to People fundraiser! I also made two other ones for Brianne's friends for their birthdays. I think they turned out cute and they are pretty fast and easy to make! Let's face it that is about all I can handle right now!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

WOW!!! It seems like I have been gone from this blog forever....for those of you who don't know my mom had a stroke at the beginning of December. Things have been pretty surreal since then! We have been living a crazy life since then. You never know what you have until you lose it!!! Mom is in the hospital still and probably will be there for quite awhile...if you are interexted I have started a blog for I have spent most of my blogging time updating that blog and have neglected my own! Well hopefully I can divide my time between them both now!